Global Communities at UMDCP - more questions!

My child was admitted into Clark School of Engineering and offered this LLC. The more I read about it the less interesting it looks to me. Therefore, I have a couple of questions:

can he ask the scholars or victus program to invite him if he was not invited in the first place?
if yes - when would be the best time to do it - ASAP?
What’s better - to join the LLC even if it does not seem very interesting to you or just not be in the program at all? Would it be harder to make friends?

First, congrats on admission to Maryland and direct admission to Clark Engineering!

I believe the program you are referencing is Virtus, not Victus, and it is open for all direct admit engineering students. Admission to Virtus is done through application, and you have until April 1st to apply.

It is a 2-year living-learning program for male engineering students (modeled after the FLEXUS living-learning program for female engineering students). Space is limited and you cannot participate in both Global and Virtus - it’s one or the other. Your son (assumed based on mention of Virtus as opposed to Flexus) can apply here:

For more info about Virtus here:

Scholars is by invitation but students can nominate themselves, but again, can not be done in addition to Virtus - it’s one or the other. After the May 1st commitment date, IF there are spots open in scholars, then self-nominated applicants are considered. The form for self-nomination is found here:

You can read my perspective, for what it’s worth here:

Thank you, Maryversity! I saw your answer just now - not sure what happened. We went to the open house today and were very impressed with the Clark School of Engineering. It was great visit. Thank you for your continuous help!

@maryversity any way you can reactivate the link where you discuss the value and prestige of LLCs at UMD? Thank you!!

That link is pinned near the top of this forum