Global History Regents Thread

<p>Did anyone think it was a joke? I'm in 10th grade and in AP World History so i thought it was just about the easiest test i took that year. what did you guys think?</p>

<p>it was nice :D</p>

<p>im terrible at global, so i struggled in bs'ing the essay lol
i just hope to get a 90 or higher.
what was the one with bullet points like Rome destroy the temples in Jerusalem, Britain partition India? I thought it was something about the military in the choices.</p>

<p>I'm took global honors so it was pretty easy not the easiest though. cortana431 what was the answer to the neolithic revolution one. which caused the other? choices were complex civilization, surplus of food, and other choices that i forget</p>

<p>and what was the one with what economy emerged in 1300-1600 as result of global trade? </p>

<p>thank you</p>

<p>@ bandmile, capitalism was the economy that emerged and domestication of plants and animals for the neolithic one.</p>

<p>i agree w/ you totally cortana431. it was the easiest test alive-but thenagain its a regents- theyre supposed to be easy. But i took the SAT subject test WH, and that was hard-that's why by comparison this was easy. but if i hadn't (AP WH isnt offered at my skool) it would have been pretty difficult; theres alot of random stuff on the regents (by random stuff i mean history), which noone wants to memorize</p>

<p>it was...CAKE. the MC's were pretty basic, and the 2 essays didn't require too much knowledge on any big events so yeah it was good. the only problem was i had some difficulty in getting alot of outside information for the DBQ.</p>

<p>The Global History Regents thread is usually not very challenging if you have completed honors/AP level coursework. An anecdote: I got 2 hours of sleep before the exam and still came out with a 100%, and I had stopped paying attention in class right after the AP exam. You guys will be fine.</p>

<p>^Also got a 100 on this Regents last year; this is one of the easier Regents.</p>

<p>yeah i took the WH SAT II and it was sooooooooooooooomuch harder than the MC on the global regents.</p>

<p>Don't forget how much it's curved either. You could get a grade worth a 70 on regular test but come out with a 97.</p>

<p>lol I got a 98, and Global History is my worst subject. And I barely studied for it, either. I'm pretty happy, and I did better on it than my strong subjects, which I found weird.</p>