Global security and Intelligence studies

Hello - Having a hard time finding the correct wording to narrow down the college search for global security and intelligence studies. Similar to the GSIS program at ERAU-Prescott campus. I do not want to do computer security but every time I search for my hopeful major only programs that are computer security centered come up. Any suggestions or other schools you may know about that I have not run across yet. Many thanks!

Not sure if this is what you are specifically looking for, but you might want to look into International Studies at AU. You can select from the “Peace, Global Security, and Conflict Resolution” and “Foreign Policy and National Security” thematic areas to narrow down your studies.

Global security may be referenced as international security, and appears as an an available “theme” within some government departments.

James Madison University has a niche program in intelligence analysis.
Great alumni network/internship prospects in Northern VA/DC area.

THANK YOU ALL! Excellent ideas. I KNEW I was missing schools and ways to narrow down the search. Feeling relieved.

Tulane (Louisiana) also has a Homeland Security degree!

You may want to see if political science departments at various colleges have courses in that subarea.

For example, at American University, GOVT-426 and GOVT-430 may be the kind of courses you may be interested in:

UMBC has POLI 395:

It may not be too surprising that the USNA and USAFA offer courses in that subarea as well, and the USMA has a defense and strategic studies major.

Virginia Tech has a program that may interest you as well.