Global Urban Lab vs. International Ambassadors

<p>Hi, </p>

<p>Could someone please clarify what exactly are these two programs and the differences between them. They seem really similar to me. Thanks!</p>

<p>Global Urban Lab is an experience based around a class - you go abroad to a specific place with a specific research question in mind and the goal being a presentation, sometimes for a semester (for which the program is more competitive) or just for a week (with a bunch of other students). International ambassadors (this is what you're talking about, right...? Rice</a> University Rice International Programs ) is run through the international office, and all the ladies who work there are great. They share their study abroad experiences with other undergrads and basically get paid to talk about how much fun they had. </p>

<p>Global Urban Lab is also run through Dr. Ostdiek (via the generally lackluster policy studies department), who might in fact be the most incompetent person on campus.</p>