Glossy or matte?

<p>I am putting together some small photo albums for my daughter's firends as graduation gifts. SHould I go with glossy or matte finish? Also, anyone have a really great online place to order photos from? My plan is to use kodak but I am remembering that I was not thrilled with the quality of my last order.</p>

<p>Since I use digital cameras I hardly ever get printed photos anymore, but the few times I've printed my photos I've used the Walgreens website - just upload your digital images and either pick up at the store or have them mailed directly to you. I got the matte finish.</p>

Matte, matte, matte, matte!!! It resists smudges, glares, and looks more professional. I am a photographer. For my clients that want something a step up from target/walmart I suggest . They are the 'little brother' of the professional company I use. They have quite good prices, fantastic quality, and have some fun options. In a pinch I have also used Ritz locally which I believe offers matte. Costco also does a decent job if yours offers matte.</p>

<p>Good luck. Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions.</p>


<p>Absolutely matte - glossy detracts from the photo.</p>

<p>Matte holds up better over time too I think....</p>

<p>i did the same thing for my d's small group of girlfriends high school graduation, they really liked (maybe the parents even more so!) the albums. I have used shutterfly quite a bit and generally have been quite happy. You can also choose matte or glossy. If you have a Target near you, you can upload to Shutterfly and pick up at Target, saving the shipping costs.
blueiguana- thanks for the tip on mpix. I have seen them advertised, now I will try them!</p>

<p> glare.</p>

<p>When DS graduated from college, we actually got some good shots of his friends...and him...together. We made printes and framed them...and mailed to the pictured kids to their grad school/apartment addresses.</p>

<p>These gifts are always appreciated... and very much by the parents!! I love to turn my clients on to quality, cost saving things they can do themselves. Shutterfly makes very nice custom photo books. I have made many as thank you gifts for clients. Lots of great options here!</p>

<p>I get glossy and use CVS or the little photo shop in my area. The CVS lets me edit the prints right there, and I've gotten to know how to use the machines pretty well. I've tried both the matte and the glossy, and the glossy keeps winning out when I put them side by side. But it must be personal preference since so many here really prefer matte.</p>

<p>I go back and forth between matte and glossy. There are things I like about both.</p>

<p>I just recently ordered prints from Shutterfly that were printed at my local Target store and I was very unhappy with them. I won't do that again. I had the same photos reprinted at a local photo store and, while they were more expensive, the quality was infinitely better. I do love Shutterfly books. You can order prints directly from Shutterfly and I'm guessing the quality on those would be better than the ones printed at the Target stores.</p>

<p>^This is very true. The quality of images produced by Target (via Shutterfly) varies quite a bit by location. We are fortunate that our local target is quite good.</p>

<p>Funny, a few months ago I did a little test where I ordered the same 10 or so pics from Shutterfly (by mail) and to be picked up at Target, and my experience was that the color in the Target batch was better! guess it depends on the day, who is on duty, when the machine was calibrated etc! </p>

<p>Agree about the Shutterfly books, and have also liked ones I have made from Snapfish and Apple. Have also made calendars, frig magnets, mousepads and even a tote bag and apron for my Mom with a pictures of all the grandkids. People are SO impressed, even though after you have done a couple of these projects it's pretty easy!</p>

<p>I print my own photos at home and have been using Kodak semi-gloss and have been very happy. It's more matte than glossy so doesn't glare or show fingerprints but still has a bit of gleam to it. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be in stores anymore so had to order via Amazon.</p>

<p>I haven't ordered prints online but did order a photobook from MyPublisher and was delighted with the quality of the photos.</p>