GMAT 730+ in 1 month?

Hi guys,

most probably I’ll be free for the whole August. I thought about using the time for GMAT preparation, as I’m planning to apply for Top MBA Programs (Harvard, Wharton, Stanford etc.) in 1-2 years.

I have often read that one should plan around 3 months of prep for a GMAT score of 730+. However, I already have experience with standardized tests:

  • I got a 168/170 in the GRE quant section in 2017 (admittedly, though, it is easier than GMAT quant).
  • I've been preparing for a long time for the LSAT and currently scoring in the mid- to high-160s.

Given that I already have a very good sense of LSAT Reading Comprehension passages (based on what I read, they are easier for GMAT than for LSAT), my vocab has improved a lot through preparing for the Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension part of LSAT and, both due to GRE and my background in engineering, I am on a very good level in math, do you think it is possible to achieve a GMAT-score of 730+ with only a month of preparation?


Very likely.

What does 1 month mean? You’ll be test prepping all day every day that month?

Then, as you’re already good at standardized tests, I can’t see how you wouldn’t get a 730+. Actually, even with minimal practice. Unless you get a stroke or a metal rod flies through your brain or something.