GMAT help!!

<p>I have a question. I have been out of school since 2004 when I received my undergrad. i would like to go back for my MBA, but I started today studying for the exam, and I feel like I don't remember anything! What is your opinion? Should I take an in-class course? Continue to study on my own? I plan on taking the test in December so I can start classes in the spring of 2014. </p>


I wouldn’t be too worried about the fact that you don’t remember anything. The math on the GMAT is high school level, so most people have to relearn it regardless of how long they’ve been out of school. Whether or not you should take a course really depends on you, your study habits and what learning environment you thrive in. Here is an explanation of the three kinds of courses, what student is ideal for each and their pros and cons.