GMAT Preparation

<p>My sister is about to take the GMAT. Any pointers/advice on how to get a high score? She's aiming for >700.</p>

<p>I love it when people say that they're aiming for a score of 700 or greater. Seriously, who isn't aiming for that? </p>

<p>Anyway, the best advice I can give is to practice. Do tons of practice tests, make sure they're timed, and make sure you do them on the computer. Buy the OG and do every question in it. And don't spend too much time on the writing part because it isn't that important.</p>

<p>Also, try to simulate the test environment as much as possible. You only get six sheets of scratch paper at a time, so try practicing with just six sheets. You can always get more, but I didn't want to waste any time by getting up and turning in my old paper and getting six new ones. Also, you only get two #2 pencils at a time. You can't bring your own. So practice with two #2 pencils and get used to the little trivial things like writing with a dull pencil. Again, you can always get two new sharpened pencils, but sometimes the timing is pretty tight and it might not be worth the time lost to get new pencils.</p>