GMAt scores

<p>Hello everyone,</p>

<p>I am applying to a Business school right now and need to take the GMAT. The place I am applying is not too competetive though, I just need some background to later apply to better schools in the USA, like NYU Styren and Colubia. What I am concerned about though is if I send my GMAt scores to these schools now, and IF I get a not too high score, when I and apply later will this low score put me at a disadvantage then? I mean, I will certainly take GMAT later as well, just wanna send this score too:( Will the schools consider only the highest score, or average my scores? :(</p>

<p>They will see all scores, that doesn't really mean they will average them. Business school applications are not cut and dry/by the numbers. </p>

<p>If you aren't serious about your intentions for taking the GMAT I would suggest you not take them. If you aren't going to give 100% of your effort right now be sure you are able to not explain and compensate for this slacking off in the future.</p>