Gmat vs sat 1 vs gre

<p>What's the difference between the GMAT and Sat1 and what's the difference
between GMAT and the GRE. Is the GMAT easier than the GRE? </p>

<p>Does the GMAT have the same sections as the SAT like Critical reading, Writing (grammar + Essay) and Math? What's the difference?</p>


I am also curious as to the differences between GMAT and GRE.

There are a few similarities between the gmat and GRE, they are both computer adaptive and the quant sections are very similar (except the GRE quant is supposed to be easier). The quant section on the GRE is split into two 35 minute sections where the quant section on the GMAT is one 75 minute section. With the GRE, you have to write two essays and the GMAT you only have to write one. The GRE you also have an experimental section that could be quant or verbal. On the GMAT, they integrate experimental questions into the exam. THE GRE also tests vocabulary, where the GMAT does not.

I have recently been trying to decide whether to take GRE or GMAT. It seems that overall, if your graduate program of choice does not explicitly require one or the other, take GRE if you feel that verbal section/vocabulary is your strong suit; take GMAT if you are more of a math wiz.

My son needed an 80 percentile Quant score to get into a 5 year BS MS program at his college. The program doesn’t have a preference for the GMAT or the GRE. So, it appears some schools don’t really care which test you take.

So, the best strategy might be to take a diagnostic test for both tests. Then retake the one you did best on after a little preparation.