Gmu assip 2021

didn’t see a thread, let’s start one!


Ha ha ha I was looking for a thread - who did you apply to? I just went all physics and astronomy lol

i applied to biology & biochemistry research, and for one environmental science person!

anyone get an interview request? i applied for a psych professor! i havent gotten an interview request tho (hopefully soon LOL fingers crossed)

I haven’t gotten a request yet, and I’m slightly worried because we’re approaching the last two weeks of March already. All the professors I applied to were in environmental engineering/ policy

I was offered an interview last night. Does anyone know the types of questions or the process they go through in the interview? Any info would be nice to know. Thanks!

Also, I applied to all Computer Science/Data Science professors, just in case anyone wanted to know.

SAME! I applied for psych tho-- im super nervous that im not going to get one but ig it is what it is lol

i think offers for interviews are coming in late march, and the actual offers will come in early april. according to the website:

“Applications are reviewed by participating mentors during the last part of February. Candidates are scheduled for interviews to be conducted in March. Students are notified of mentors who select them as interns by early April. Students are expected to accept offers by mid-April. Although all applications are reviewed by mentors, it is not likely that every applicant will be interviewed by a mentor.”

i saw that-- fingers crossed that something comes in for an interview req in the next few days/week, if not i gave it my best shot ig

Congrats! Sorry, I don’t have any info on me, and I don’t think past threads have any either. But could you post an update later on what types of questions they ask you?

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did anyone get an interview reqyest?

@cjarraya was offered one, and i had one too

I still haven’t

So I had my interview yesterday afternoon. It went really well actually. He just asked me to just tell him about myself, so I did basically talking about how I got into CS (the research topic I signed up for), and talked about some of my accomplishments and prior research. Then we discussed some of his research papers. It was one of the most laid back and chill interviews I’ve had to be honest. Good luck everyone!

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Did you get an interview offer by email?

Yes I did.

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hi! did your interviewer say when offers will begin to come out?

No, but he did mention (if I remember correctly) that he would unofficially notify us (the people he is interviewing) of his decision within the coming week(s).

looks like on last year’s thread, the last person to get an interview got it on the 18th. I have a feeling it may be too late.