Gmu assip 2021

anyone hear back from matto ? (psych/neuro)

Makes sense, 40 hrs a week is a lot of exposure. All depends on the on the direction of the pandemic ig.

I didn’t

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Has anyone heard for sure if we will be in person or not?

my daughter applied. we haven’t heard anything on this.

Did you receive an email or phone?

according to the website:
We will hold 2021 ASSIP in-person and/or remotely, in accordance with US and Virginia health and safety regulations. ASSIP orientation starts the summer session on June 21, and ends with the poster and networking session on Thursday, August 12.

honestly i feel like it depends on the field of research, but you can always email them and ask. they told me they would send out more info at the end of april!

My son received an email.

My son was told that his internship would be remote as we stay in California.

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Has anyone received anything from the forensics professors?

Anyone heard from biochem or systems biology professors?

I wonder what it means for those who haven’t heard anything yet. Clearly, they have already sent some acceptances and/or rejections but looks like they are going through the applications in some order that is holding up the process for others.

They should have an update in the next week or two as per the confirmation of application email.

You can email to We emailed her last year and she gave us update on where they are in reviewing applications.

Anyone heard from physics and astronomy yet?

I just received an official offer. I think participants will be notified with updates on April 20th

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Did you get interviewed or did they make an offer without an interview?

I was interviewed on April 7th. Geography/ Geoinformation science professor.


Congratulations! I was also interviewed on 4/7 by the Geography & Geoinformation Science department. I haven’t gotten back a reply yet.