GMU CS OOS acceptance rate?

How competitive is GMU for Computer Science for out of state students? I found on the GMU site that OOS students are 20% of the student body. But I can’t find any stats on what the acceptance rate for CS OOS would be.

Asking because the OOS acceptance rates at UVA and W&M are pretty scary, and wondering if GMU could be considered a CS safety school for my son who will have a ~3.9 GPA and ~31 ACT and be applying for fall 2022.


With those stats, he will get into GMU without any problem. GMU is not remotely in the same league as UVA or W&M. Franky, I cannot imagine paying OOS tuition for GMU. With his GPA and ACT score, he can do much better than Mason.

Thanks, that helps. It is a little scary reading on CC all these people applying to what I’d consider his “match” schools (RIT, RPI, VTech) that seem to have crazy high GPA and ACT/SAT scores. There must be a lot of people who get in with more modest scores that just don’t post about them here on CC.

I can’t speak for RIT or RPI, but VT is extremely competitive. It gets tougher every year. But GMU is not nearly as competitive.

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I just saw this post. My Son is a 3rd year STEM Major and came in with high stats and got into Mason’s Honors College. Mason has an outstanding STEM Program and has great relationships with Government and Private Industries. A great pipeline for employment opportunities. Mason also is one of four leading universities in Virginia that’s leading the Virginia Cyber Initiative. Actually Mason and VA Tech are the only two schools in Virginia that has received the largest funding, from the State, to produce STEM graduates. What really makes Mason stand out is the history, location and connections in the heart of the tech corridor, the DC area.


I disagree. Mason is a great school with an outstanding STEM Program. I highlighted some of Mason’s achievements in this thread.

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Thanks, that is helpful!