Go Bears!

<p>As the first poster on the Berkeley forum, I would like to welcome all Bezerk Cal students, past, present, and future!</p>

<p>I took the liberty of changing my s/n from "Pookdogg (Pookdogg)" to PookyBear, so if anyone remembers me, that's me...yeah...</p>

<p>Anyways, I know that other Cal students outside of myself frequent this forum, so feel free to ask stuff on this thread about student life, which classes to take, how we got in, etc.</p>

<p>And most importantly...</p>

<p>It's up with the Blue and gold!
Down with the red!
California's out for a victory!
We'll drop our battle-axe on Stanfurd's head,
When we meet her, our team will surely beat her!</p>

<p>Down on the Stanfurd farm there'll be no sound,
When our OSKI rips through the air!
Like our friend Mr. Jonah
Stanford's team will be found
In the tummy of the Golden Bear!</p>

<p>2nd post :)</p>

<p>And a third</p>

<p>So how tough do you guys think it is for a guy from out of state to make it into Berkeley? I reside in South Carolina and have a 1460 on the SAT (790 math, 670 verbal), 5.4 weighted GPA, 3rd in my class of 379, and have over 300 hours of community service.</p>

<p>5.4 hahaha</p>

<p>It all depends on how your Extracurrics are i think. I was out of state, (DC). 1430(700 Math, 730 Verbal), 650 Writing, 750 Math IIC, 720 Bio 4.4ish UC GPA top 10%, ton of AP classes (all the norm for berkeley students). Had a bit of community service, but my service was in a leadership position of a group. Also, i was an Eagle Scout since soph year and remained involved in troops up til i moved to college. I did a bunch of leadership stuff at school extracurics as well. So who knows. Just try and find out that way. That's how i got in. You'll never know til you do.</p>

<p>In the fuzzy wuzzy golden bear.