Go for Master's Degree or Double Major / Minor Instead? Miami Univ. Business Econ.

Hello Everyone,

As an undergraduate student in the Farmer School of Business, I’m trying to weigh some options I have. I’m considering three possibilities:

1.) Attempt to enter into the 3+1 combined B.S. and M.A. in Economics program
2.) Get a B.S. in Business Econ. and minor in Actuarial Science
3.) Get a B.S. in Business Econ. and combine with a complimentary double major (e.g. Stats, Info Systems, Analytics, etc.)

Originally, my plan was to shoot for the M.A. in Econ. in 4 years. At this point though, I’ve stopped to reconsider because I realize a lot of employers in both the private and public sector offer tuition reimbursement.

So, in gist, would it be more beneficial to double major / minor, building my skill set to sort through data, etc. (presumably increasing my chances of landing a job with an employer willing to pay for M.A. down the road) OR would it be better to just go all in now and hurry the process to get an M.A. by 2022?

Looking forward to hearing your opinions! Please don’t feel like you need to be in Data Science or
Econ. to respond- I’m sure other fields experience the same dilemma as this is a career prep issue not necessarily an industry issue.

Thanks in advance! Happy holidays, and happy new year!