go from seton hall to fordham?

<p>well i attempted to get into NYU with a 3.7 and failed -__- but i got into Binghamton and Fordham as a transfer student from Seton Hall business school. I already decided Fordham over Binghamton since its closer to the city, my family, and my job as a diamond setter. My question is this,
I have the means to pay for Fordham ( i didn't apply to FASFA or w.e its called cause my family is blessed and lives a comfortable life), My issue is, I'd hate to make my parents pay for the school if it isn't a whole lot better than Seton Hall. Currently seton hall is ranked 86th with is terrible since it was like 56 2 years ago. Fordham is at 52 (not the greatest like NYU but certainly much better).
Basically is the education and connections worth the difference of 20k if my family has the means to pay for it?? ( i never lived at Seton hall and will be living at Fordham so it'll be more expensive)</p>