Go Sox!

<p>Nuff said.</p>

<p>ABSOLUTELY!! I can't believe it! This comeback can teach us all that NOTHING is impossible-- a lesson in heart, courage, and the love of the baseball gods for Boston! Curt Schilling is unbelievable.</p>

<p>Wrong fourm.</p>

<p>Hey, I think it's very appropriate--they inspired my non-communicative son to send me an e-mail from college! Or should I say "e-mail fragment." "How about those Red Sox" was the message. Well, if you have read the "they never call, they never write thread" you know how excited some of us get about any communication from our kids! So, even though I could usually care less about baseball, YAY SOX!</p>

<p>D spends the last 16 years of her life living in San Diego and doesn't ever get up enough interest in the Padres or any other team to even yawn about them. She spends one month going to college in Boston and is now a fervent Sox fan watching all their play-off games on TV.</p>

<p>Thought about you Marite as I was watching the live feed and talking to my folks. We were looking through the crowd at Fenway--- to see if we could spy S1? </p>

<p>Okay, okay--if you must know. We were concentrating on the paddy wagons...lol.:p</p>

<p>I couldn't bear to watch last night. I spent the evening hearing reports from various people... the hardest one was "9-3, top of the ninth" just as I started an hour-long class. I kept imagining all the ways the Red Sox have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory over the years. What a relief to turn on the radio after the class and find that ohmigod, the Red Sox actually won! What I couldn't understand is why NPR led the news with something about Dick Cheney in Michigan, and NOT the Red Sox. Surely after that series the only Yankee fans left are in NYC?</p>

<p>Twenty years of living in Boston and 12 years in exile on the west coast, and FINALLY it's safe to watch a Red Sox post-season game!</p>

<p>Looking forward to the World Series, for a change.</p>

<p>My favorite baseball memory is of the 1975 Cincinnati Reds/Boston Red Sox World Series. Will the 2004 world series beat THAT? I suppose if the Red Sox were to win. . .</p>

<p>To keep joev happy and tie this into college--one of my hopes of sending D away to college was that she would become involved in what the college and town have to offer. So I am happy that she has suddenly taken an interest in baseball and the Red Sox.</p>

<p>My husband is a Yankee fan but I could not help but secretly be happy for the Sox....I am indifferent but this one is a good story.</p>

<p>Ok, we are heading to Parent's weekend tomorrow. The phone rang last night after midnight. S is very excited that he and Dad can be together to watch the Red Sox play in the first World Series game on Saturday night. This will be the first time ever that they could do this! (The last time the Sox were in the World Series was the year S was born.)</p>

<p>So much for taking advantage of the parent presentations or cultural activities on campus on Saturday night. It would have been cheaper for S to fly home, rather than Mom, Dad, and little sis flying down there................</p>

<p>I am embarrased to say I once waited in line to have Arod autograph a kids book he wrote ( when he was a Mariner)
For the Yankees to blow a the game lead to the Red Sox makes up for the sucky season Seattle had (But wasn't Lowe our pitcher?)</p>


<p>If you read the Crimson, you'll see that for the moment, the Red Sox are the "cultural activities" on campus. We don't live close to Harvard Square, but we were kept up by cars honking fairly late into the night.</p>

<p>I was curious about that. My son was saying that there would be huge partying on the streets of Boston... beating the Evil Empire is no mean accomplishment :)</p>

<p>Achat, and you're in Jersey! A little loyalty, please ;)</p>

<p>-- Ayankeefan5</p>

<p>Coureur: Same experience here, only we live in Chicago, that rabid (and masochistic) baseball town. I can confidently say that my daughter has never attended a White Sox game, and she's been to maybe one Cubs game, but after spending just half a semester on the east coast, she too is cheering wildly for the Red Sox.</p>

<p>I know, I know....sorry!</p>

<p>aparent5....I think most of the Mets fans in NJ and NY are rejoicing....baseball rivalry trumps geography, sometimes....</p>

<p>I am leaving for Boston in a couple of hours and suddenly panicked as I had been quite lackadaisical about booking my last night (Sunday) as I was just going to casually grab a room near the airport before early Monday departure. I thought omg probably all of Boston is sold out now, but actually there were ample rooms available. Otherwise Marite would have had an uninvited guest on Sunday night ;)
With parents' weekends galore, the Head of the Charles, Harvard (old people's) reunions, and now the WORLD SERIES....Boston is going to be one packed crazy place this weekend!!</p>


<p>You're welcome to make use of of our guest room if all else fails. DH claims that Saturday night will be a great time for going out to restaurants as everyone will be glued to their TV, but I don't guarantee the quality of the food or the cooking!</p>

<p>Hi Marite, sent you a private message (no I didn't because you haven't turned on that function :) ), but I've got a room at the Hilton Logan Airport for Sunday! Fortunately, the reunions have lunches and dinners planned, because I do imagine that reservations will be hard to come by....it will just be great fun to be out and about with such a fever going on!</p>

<p>I'm thinking of my Uncle George, who died last year at 85, a lifelong Sox fan, staring myopically at his antidiluvean black and white through decades of disappointment. If only he were alive today!</p>