goBaylor or ApplyTexas?

<p>My D just finished her application through ApplyTexas.org. However, it seems like something not right. It didn’t ask recomendation letters. No admission type question. (EA or RD).
Should she apply again using goBaylor?</p>

<p>My son tried to use his ApplyTexas app for Baylor but it did not work. He completed the goBaylor app.</p>

<p>Baylor is a private school. ApplyTexas covers State schools in Texas.</p>

<p>State schools operate on 10% rule. They do not require recommendations for admissions. They may require it for other areas outside of initial admission.</p>

<p>Each school has their own deadlines. UT has one on October 15th and final one on Dec 1st. </p>

<p>Some may have rolling admissions all the way until the school starts next year.</p>