God Bless Williston

<p>Anyone know what's going on with Williston's 75 million dollars lawsuit?</p>

<p>What? I never hard of this... </p>

<p>Anyone care to volunteer any info?</p>

<p>googled it.
Teacher</a> sexually assaulted former Williston Northampton School student, parents allege in suit against Easthampton prep school | Massachusetts Local News - MassLive.com</p>

<p>^that doesn't seem good for their funds or applicant turnout next season</p>

<p>actually its $75,000 not 75 million LOL</p>

<p>Haha 75,000 sounds more reasonable.</p>

<p>not to creep on an old thread, but thanks for the link!! I'd heard that some bio teacher sexually harrassed some girl, and i flipped out because I went there for middle school and there was this really nice bio teacher who gave me a ride to tennis practice once.. but it wasn't him... whewwww</p>