God I'm so sick of ED commercials

<p>Sorry I just had to vent.</p>

<p>No prob, swimcatsmom. I can't stand them either. Blech! A few years ago a local biotech and their creation added to the pile with stupid bathtubs. Still see the tubs once in a while.</p>

<p>I'd take TP ads over ED commercials any given minute. At least TP ads feature some soft and fuzzy creatures!..</p>

<p>I often thank a higher power for the fact that drug ads are banned in Canada. Not because I think drug ads are inherently wrong like many Canadians do (though I see the merits of that argument), but because they're SO PERSISTENT AND ANNOYING!</p>

<p>Well, they may be banned in Canada but anyone who lives anywhere near the border (and most of us do!), see them just as often as Americans do. Most Torontonians watch more stations in Buffalo, and other U.S. cities, than Canadian ones.</p>

<p>Drug ads are inherently wrong, but that's another argument.</p>

<p>I hate the ED ads - only good-looking people have ED, and for some reason they are inexplicably drawn to having s** in the most unlikely outdoor locations, often, as someone said, followed (I hope) by soaking in a bathtub. Don't know which is creepier - the outdoor hanky-panky or the outdoor bath.
I also hate the statin ads, because they illustrate the worst aspects of allowing drug ads - although I must admit the "people as food" ad is really clever, and keeps being clever with each new rendition.</p>

<p>Yeah, but the "people as food" ad is for Vytorin, which just got some bad press from research that said it wasn't effective. I haven't seen any of those since that news came out a few weeks ago.</p>

<p>The ED ads are awkward and strange. I appreciate the push that people shouldn't be afraid to talk about this problem with their doctor, but puh-lease..... enough.... although my husband generally has a wise-acre comment about those <strong>ahem</strong> (can I say that word on CC?) lasting over 4 hours comments at the end of the commercials....</p>

<p>I can't stand that pseudo-sexy music they play to accompany the Cialis commercial. As soon as I hear it, I change the channel. And don't get me started on "Viva Viagra"....</p>

<p>Last night we saw one where a guy keeps driving past a woman in various cars--she ignores him until he rides up on a motorcycle! What a great metaphor for the product. Sheesh.</p>

<p>I am so sick of ALL commercials. That is why I watch very little TV now. Netflix for entertainment and internet for news for me.</p>

<p>LOL! I love the one where the couple is sitting in separate bathtubs outside... I'm just thinking how is this going to happen? OUCH!</p>

I also hate the statin ads


<p>The worst of the worst was the Zetia ad in which the doctor and his med students are walking thru campus talking about side-effects with such passion...How staged can you get?!</p>

<p>And I'm really glad that Pfizer pulled the Lipitor ads off the air when it was revealed Dr. Jarvik was not an actual medical doctor. That guy creeped me out!</p>

<p>Time for another Tivo endorsement. I rarely watch "live" TV. Instead, I put most everything that I intend to watch on Tivo and then time shift by at least 10 or 15 minutes. That way every time a commercial comes on I just fast forward over it. By giving an hour-long show a 10 or 15 minute head start, by the time you are done watching the show and fast forwarding through the commercials you are pretty much caught up to real time and you have gained the 10-15 minutes for other activities (like watching other Tivo'd shows!)</p>

<p>It kind of makes you pine for the old days when the airwaves were dominated by feminine hygeine products.</p>

<p>Doctor Jarvik gives me the creeps , too but he does have an M.D.. Jarvik</a> Heart | News - Robert Jarvik in the News</p>

<p>^ Right, thx curmudegeon. I should have said he's not a practicing medical doctor...</p>

Yes, the "four hour" part is the subject of much hilarity and rude comment at our house, too. We figured that was an intentional part of their marketing campaign -- that EVERYONE would remember <em>that</em> particular side effect!</p>

<p>Hudsonvalley, my sons cringe when the feminine hygiene commercials come on. I mean, they know about this stuff, but the commercials always generate groans of "TMI!" from the guys.</p>

<p>"God I'm so sick of ED commercials"</p>

<p>We don't have ED commercials where I live. We don't have RD commercials either. :D</p>

<p>^^funny. Where does that leave us with ED-II? Does that happen in the afterlife?</p>

Hudsonvalley, my sons cringe when the feminine hygiene commercials come on. I mean, they know about this stuff, but the commercials always generate groans of "TMI!" from the guys.

My daughter gets really annoyed with the one that says 'have a happy period'. Thinks it has to have been written by a man as most women agree there is no such thing. Actually most men that live with women would probably agree. So make that written by a single man.</p>

We don't have RD commercials either


I am probably being really dum - haven't figured this one out yet :confused:</p>

<p>just realized I spelled dum wrong - now I fell really dumb</p>