Goddard Q's

<p>I received an e-mail stating that I'm accepted into the Goddard WTE program.</p>

<li>Does this mean I will be living at Goddard and don't have to think about what residential hall I'm in anymore?</li>

<p>The e-mail also said I was placed in one of four streams and proceeded to list the four.</p>

<li>Am I supposed to select one come class registration time?</li>
<li>Am I allowed to "stream-hop" to a stream in which I wasn't placed?</li>

<p>^^^ Based on this quote from the Goddard Residential College website I would say the answer to #1 is yes: </p>

<p>"When will I find out if I was placed in the Residential College at Goddard?
You will receive an e-mail with your Residential College community placement information no later than July 13, 2010. You will receive your room assignment in early August. If you are placed in a stream that is affiliated with Writing the Essay, you will be informed prior to your summer orientation, as it will affect your class registration."</p>

<p>Not sure about #2 & #3, though former Goddard residents who have posted on this forum have said that they felt welcome to participate in other streams' activities as long as it was not a situation in which there were space/cost limitations.</p>

<p>I lived in Goddard my freshman year. I was in the Global NY stream. Yes, you will be living in Goddard (which is a great location, a lot of community and not as weird as everyone says). Be excited! There's a lot of free opportunities and activities that I know I wished I had taken advantage of more.</p>

<p>When you register for classes you will already be signed up for a WTE class (at least that's what happened when I got to CAS Orientation). They have put you in the WTE class associated with your stream. </p>

<p>I don't think you can "stream-hop" without talking to the RHD or someone but I think the only reason you would do that would be to change your WTE class. Most of the events, although geared towards a certain stream are not stream-exclusive. So you can go to All the World's a Stage events even if you're in Global NY. That's my memory at least.</p>

<p>"When you register for classes you will already be signed up for a WTE class..."</p>

<p>When I visited Albert the day before registration started I saw I was already in a WTE class that was held in Goddard.</p>

<p>However, upon starting registration the next day, I noticed that class had disappeared from my schedule.</p>

<p>Is this a good sign as far as getting into Goddard? I haven't gotten an email about it yet, but wasn't worried because, as mentioned, the last date for emails is July 13.</p>

<p>What are the dorms like as opposed to Founders or Hayden?</p>

<p>@Jester504 I'm not sure about that. It sucks that you have to wait but if I were you I would wait for the letter or call the advising office? It seems strange they would take you out of it the next day.</p>

I only know a few of the rooms in those dorms but since I lived in Goddard, had orientation in Hayden and will be an RA in Founders I have a little of an idea.
In Goddard, the rooms are a hugely mixed bag. There is also a mix between suites (two doubles and a bathroom or one double, one single, one bathroom), triples, and doubles. Each has their own bathroom (so the most people you would be sharing with is 3 others). I was lucky enough to have a HUGE single (it was almost the size of the small double next to me). My friend had a HUGE double (the size of two of our friend's double room). My other friend had a triple that was a total mess. There was no good arrangement of the furniture so everything was everywhere. It's completely luck of the draw.</p>

<p>Founders is NOT like this. It is made of all doubles (each with their own bathrooms) and they are known for being the biggest rooms on campus. It was designed as a dorm so some people don't like the "institution-feel." It's also farther from campus than the other freshman dorms but I think many incoming students don't realize that 10 minutes is not a big deal (even at 8 in the morning). </p>

<p>Hayden is all converted apartments (like Goddard) and is known to be more of a party dorm. From what I understand it's a mixed bag too but the room I stayed in for orientation was HUGE and had 3 closets for two people (plus bathroom). It's much older though so has a more old apartment feel. Some of the paint is chipping and little things like that. It also has it's own dining hall which the other two don't.</p>