Going away presents for girls?

<p>My friend is going away for college and I'm not sure what to get her since we're planning to throw her a going away party! Not sure what to get her ><".. </p>

<p>ideas please?!</p>

<p>A box of condoms.</p>

<p>lol shes not active like that...</p>

<p>She will be.</p>

<p>She will be.</p>

<p>If she likes coffee, a card to Starbucks might be appreciated.</p>

<p>Hmm :) not sure about that but thats a good idea!</p>

<p>Does she have all her decorations and everything for her dorm room? If not, a poster might be a good idea, especially if it details something you two share (like watching a particular movie every time one of you spends the night at the others house).</p>

<p>A target or walmart gift card would be very useful. If she's a really good friend you might want to get her an item that she doesn't already have, which might require some snooping on your part, but if she's ever shopping and is low on money, gift cards to places like that can be life savers.</p>

<p>came in here to post condoms.</p>

<p>I got my "girl" friend a bath set from The Body Shop and she got me (i'm a guy) a Best Buy gift card. Pretty cool gifts haha.</p>

<p>Get her a Mall gift card. They are supposed to work in any of the mall shops. Pretty nifty.</p>

<p>Just get her an AMex gift card....they work everywhere.</p>