Going away

<p>I'm going to a college abuot 2.5 hrs away from my hometown in the fall. I've been pretty excited about the new atmosphere and such until recently when I realized I wouldn't have my parents or dogs to come home to every night. It's a pretty weird feeling. I've actually considered going to my hometown school for the first year or two (or maybe all 4), but that means I would lose my scholarship to the other one (a much better school), which is a full-ride. Also, I'd get to play hockey there. And I know my parents are considering moving now that I'm outta the house.... but I guess I'm wondering if these feelings are normal? Do all kids think 'Am I ready for this?' before they move out?</p>

<p>I plan on joining the Marine Corps after college, so I wouldn't be able to see them much during those 4, maybe more, years.</p>

<p>Yes. </p>

<p>And really, 2 1/2 hours ISN'T far. If you really want to go home for a weekend, you can. </p>

<p>I go to school an hour away from home and even as a fourth year I go back every couple weekends. It's a good balance for me. Other people are ok with going to school far away and only going home for breaks and holidays. It's a personal thing, and you don't really know how you'll do with it until you try it. But yeah, you're close enough that you can always go back home for a few days if you need to. </p>

<p>Don't give up a scholarship a to a good school because you're afraid of homesickness. It will be fine.</p>

<p>Is your hometown school by any chance Frostburg? Your tag is westmd so I am thinking that would mean Western Maryland.</p>

<p>I moved away from 3 hours away home when I was 16. At first, I was thinking the same as you. Then I realized I would probably be fine, and I was. I was so busy with school and other activities and friends that it took my mind off of it; I loved it. </p>

<p>So I hope you give the good school a chance. But it really is a personal decision. Best of Luck!</p>

<p>2.5 hrs away = random visits by parents = no wild sex for you</p>

<p>Yeah I feel that way too. Its a lil frightening but you have to move on to your own life at some point. Besides, your not going all too far and this is a great opportunity for you. I'm coming to college all the way from abroad so its alot more weird to know that I'm going that far and that I'll probably see my family next summer and that too, I'm not too sure if I can afford that yet.
Don't worry though. You'll do fine.</p>

<p>thats exactly why my school is seven and a half hours away ustas06 :-)</p>

<p>My mother works 10 minutes from my school. My house is about 35 minutes away though and she's not the type of person to randomly drop by. She'll always call first.</p>

<p>But unfortunately, all my sex will be had on select weekends when my girl is visiting/I am visiting her.</p>

<p>thats why my school is in wisconsin and i live in massachusetts.</p>

<p>That is something that comes with going to college. You can't get out of the fact that you won't be living at home anymore--if you do, things will simply get awkward. You've reached a point in your life when it's best to leave and start your own life. College is a good place to do that, so don't chicken out and go to the hometown school: take a chance and see what happens. </p>

<p>I'm not worried, really. I'm going about 16-18 hours away from home, but I'm very excited.</p>

<p>I live in Arkansas and my school is in New Mexico. I think it will be a great experience to get away. It will be difficult to run home when things aren't going well, because it's about a 15-hour drive. I will learn to cope with problems on my own and in a different environment. </p>

<p>And I can have all the wild sex I want.</p>

<p>I am still a bit nervous, though.
^Not about the sex.</p>

<p>Sometimes I wish my school was farther away from my home, just so my mom wouldn't bug me so damn much, lol. My house is 35 minutes away from my school, so my mom always wanted me to come home on weekends and then when I actually got a social life she started guilt-tripping me into stuff "you never wanna talk to your own mother anymore blah blah". I wish my school had been 2 1/2 hours away, lol. </p>

<p>Trust me, college is an experience that you have to get used to. It took me the whole first semester and part of the second to find friends but once I did it was totally worth it. It's scary being away from home at first, but you get used to it, and when (if) you go back home for the summer it's really different again. Living away from home is the best thing you can do for yourself; the independence will show you how it feels to be an adult. You get to cook your own food, shop for your own groceries, clean (or not clean) your own stuff, etc. and it's great. </p>

<p>Don't worry about your parents either. They WILL get along without you eventually. But remember, every parent can have relapses where they call you 15 times in a day and leave voicemails threatening to send the cops out looking for you if you don't answer the phone. It mostly happens if they see something about a missing college student on CNN or something.</p>

<p>Oh, and you can still have wild sex if you're close to home, just do it in the other person's place, not yours ;)</p>