going back to school for second bachelors degree

<p>Is it possible to go back to school for a second bachelors degree at usc if you graduated from usc? I called the school, no one seems to know...my department referred me to the department I'm interested in pursuing a second degree from, they referred me to the registrar, and registrar referred me to admission...and yet no one has any answers.</p>

<p>Do you know anyone who has done it or if its even possible to do it, and if so how they go about doing it?</p>


<p>That is a great question, though unfortunately I don't have the answer. In fact, I've been considering almost the same question, though my Bachelor's degree isn't from USC. I'd like to refocus my academic/career path, and I'm beginning to think that getting a fresh start with a Bachelor's degree from USC would be the way to do it.</p>

<p>Let me know what you find out and best of luck to you.</p>

Second Bachelor's Degree
A second bachelor's degree requires a minimum of 32 units beyond the number required for the first. If the first bachelor's degree was earned at USC, a minimum of 32 units for the second must be completed at USC. If the first bachelor's degree was earned at another institution, a minimum of 64 units toward the second must be completed at USC. (See Residence Requirement, the policy on residence requirement for a second bachelor's degree.)</p>

<p>For some degrees, more than the 32 units beyond the first bachelor's degree will be required because all requirements for both degrees must be met. The student receives a separate diploma for each degree upon completion.</p>

<p>The first and second bachelor's degrees may be completed at the same time but there is no requirement that they be.

USC</a> Catalogue: Undergraduate Education: Undergraduate Degree Programs</p>