Going back to school need guidance / advice or tips.

Im 22 and looking to go back to school. I attended St. Francis College with my major in Journalism but dropped out after 3 semesters. I dropped out because I was overwhelmed with how college varies from HS , I was use to being brought along for the process and not having to figure it out by myself. Spring 13 I dropped out because I was put on academic probation and the tuition would be extremely high if still continued without FA. So i left SFC with a student debt of 7,000 and began working with a Childcare service. While working I always stated I was going to back to school but I never did part of it being that I was compensated well at this job and getting by and the other was me being lazy not to start the process of me transferring. Well now I have left that job and have gotten very seriously about me going back because I feel more mature and my prior experience has me more ready for college then when I fist attended. I want to transfer/enroll in BMCC next year either in the spring or Fall. The problem I have is I need to get my transcript from SFC to put with my application but I have feeling they wont give it to me as I owe them money but I also have been paying off my 7 grand debt with monthly payments for the past year and half. Another question as I have stated is that I want to become a teacher so what Degree or Major I would have to sign up for to put me on that path ?

P.S I want to become a teacher but I also don’t want to throw away my dream of being a Sports Journalist so I’m wondering if I sign up for a English major that it could be considered a 2 birds 1 stone type of thing where I could use that degree in both fields if I wanted too.

Thanks and sorry about the double post with the previous thread