Going Online for Fall 2020- So Disappointed!!

Just received notification from UPenn. They are going 100% online and no boarding will be provided to students barring some exceptions. They dont want students to come to Philadelphia either. We are so disappointed. DD was looking forward to starting her college life. For a while it did seem like we can manage the risks by wearing masks and taking precautions. We were looking forward to taking a step towards normalcy.

Anyone else in the same boat? What about other colleges? What’s happening? How are you keeping your spirits up?

Kids at D’s school are already breaking the rules- not wearing masks, not taking precautions. They are acting like everything is normal- and that’s a big problem.

I feel bad for all the kids getting their lives upended, but your daughter might be better off. I hate that this came at such late notice for your D and others.

My D is already thinking about her exit plan, because she is not liking how people are behaving.

My DS is going through the same thing. The way things are he’s afraid we’ll have to leave just like back in March. In a way I wish we would have gone online to avoid the inevitable.