Going to be a sophomore next year.

<p>Hey guys, I'm going to be a sophomore, so obviously I am a freshman right now and I took the only AP class that my school offers for freshman (AP Human Geography), I took the exam and anticipate a 5.</p>

<p>I will be in 3 AP classes next year
*Spanish Language
*World History</p>

<p>I need to know the best prep-books for all of these and general tips for use in the class. Our schools AP Biology teacher is less than stellar so I'll need a good book, teachers for Span Land and World History are alright.</p>

<p>Thank you in advance. :)</p>

<p>Get Princeton Review for Bio. </p>

<p>Read the course book and understand why everything happens. The review book will touch on the basics, so you will need to learn by reading the course book.</p>

<p>I got a 5 with this strategy as a sophomore.</p>

<p>People say that Cliff’s is better though. Do you still go with PR? I guess I will read the course book though it’s like 3000 pages.</p>

<p>These threads will answer all of your questions:
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<p>Bio: Definitely Cliff’s.
WH: Many people report success with PR, but I personally used Barron’s, only because it is more detailed and can be used to really learn the material in-depth. It’s more like a text book than PR. Depends on what you’re looking for in a review book.</p>

<p>Well either way, you’re choosing to not read the course book and read a lot for review. </p>

<p>Or read the course book and get a brief review from PR.</p>

<p>Choose the latter. It helps.</p>

<p>Can you tell me the authors of your course book. I think the one that my school uses is Reese Campbell?</p>

<p>I had Campbell 7th Edition. It shouldn’t matter, though. They will all give you accurate information.</p>