Going to Clemson in 08?

<p>Hey guys, just curious, who is going to Clemson starting Fall of 08? I am pretty sure I am...</p>

<p>Congrats to you and the other admits this year.</p>

<p>Hi I'm trying to decide between the University of South Carolina and Clemson University. I plan to major in Political Science and I feel as if USC is a better choice because its in the city of Columbia, which is the capital. But I am considering Clemson because its an amazing University so what are your thoughts?</p>

<p>My advice is go to the university you like the most. USC has a better location for participating in state politics, but if you would have liked it better at Clemson than you are ultimately at a loss. I don't think being in Columbia would be that much of an advantage though. Also, my honors political science teacher (she teaches mostly upper level classes) is very good. If all things are equal, location could put USC over Clemson, but I don't suggest going there if you don't prefer it to Clemson.</p>