Going to college without any grades!

<p>My public high school wants to get rid of letter grades for next year (ie: A, B, C) and instead we would get these special little report cards that have a personalized review from each students' teacher. Argh. </p>

<p>This would not only mess up my current GPA (I wouldn't be able to try and raise it because of my frosh grades), but it would maek it difficult for colleges to recognize how competitve my scores are. </p>

<p>This horrible grading system would only affect my senior grades...but still! I am so upset. </p>

<p>Does any other schools have this? What should I try and do about it? How will colleges look at it?</p>

<p>Some schools do both, check out Urban in San Francisco. The parents had the same concerns, so they do both systems. Do some research for other schools that have similar programs</p>