going to concerts?

<p>i know this is quite irrelevant...</p>

<p>is UT close to any of the local concert venues? list some?
does anyone know how to get from/to there(bus?)?</p>

<p>Thanks :)</p>

<p>You can easily take bus/shuttle to Austin City Limits.</p>

<p>Sometimes there are events at the Erwin Center, which is on campus.</p>

<p>Various places downtown like clubs and bars have concerts for local artists as well as some bands who visit. ACL in the fall and SXSW in the spring are huge music festivals as well.</p>

<p>oh man... if you dont mind walking like 12 blocks, you'll be in the thick of it. you could go random bar hopping some nights and you'll see a bands everywhere. off the top of my head though, Stubb's BBQ is a pretty popular venue. pretty big bands like Band New, Deftones, and Thrice have played there.</p>

<p>dude, austin is the live music capital of america!
-south by southwest festival
-austin city limits festival
-marley fest</p>

<p>...being raised in houston, austin definitely lives up to its rep</p>

<p>And be sure to stay on top of your fave bands because they might make a quick stop in Austin, without really publicizing it until right before! When SXSW was coming to a close last spring, Muse made a surprise quick visit to Stubbs, and my friend and I who are HUGE Muse fans and keep tabs on things like that, didn't find out til a few days ahead. Ticket prices were out the roof!</p>

<p>Couldn't get within a hundred yards of Stubbs that night. Good thing they're coming back to ACL this year.</p>

<p>thx guys, now im finally more excited to go to austin :)</p>