Going to FSU from OOS...need advice

<p>My D has been accepted to all her choices, with FSU being #1 on the list. We have been waiting for financial aid packages to see what will work and just got one from FSU. It looks like it is doable. I am going to move with her, (she won't go without me) and since we have never been to Tallahassee we could use some advice on best places to live, etc.. </p>

<p>We have been planning this move for over a year and have saved enough to pull it off. Unfortunately, we don't have enough money to go out for a preliminary look and will be going blind. I work at Lowe's and will be transfering to one of their stores, probably the one on Commonwealth. We plan on arriving in Tallahassee around the first of June.</p>

<p>Most everyone on this site is very helpful, especially those of you associated with FSU. We want to avoid making mistakes that someone could have helped us with.</p>

<p>First, what are some of the better, more affordable apartments located west of the campus? We need to be near a bus line. The StarMetro is sending me a schedule. Is the bus reliable? Is riding a bike a feasible form of transportation?</p>

<p>What are some areas we should avoid living in? This is my biggest concern as we want a safe area that isn't student housing.</p>

<p>We are coming from Albuquerque, N.M. and the climate will be very different. What will a typical utility bill be in the summer? Should I purchase some stand alone fans?</p>

<p>Thanks for any advice and we are looking forward to be a part of the 'Noles family!</p>

<p>Congratulations to your daughter and good luck with your relocation.
After you live in Florida for 12 months, you can apply for reclassification of your residency so that your daughter will be eligible for instate tuition rates.</p>

<p>The Tallahassee Government link has a lot of information for residents.
Talgov.com</a> - Residents
Below is the link to the Star Metro bus routes.
Talgov.com</a> - Residents - Transportation - Buses - Routes</p>

<p>Faculty or Lowe's co-workers who live in Tallahassee could be good advisors on safe places to live away from student housing.</p>

<p>As far as utility bills, once you pick a place, the Tallahassee utilities should be able to provide historical usage/charges information.</p>

<p>DPALMER, since none of us parents who post here are local to Tallahassee (many of us are Floridians, but we live hours from town) and the rec's from students re: places to live may not be so good (from a parents perspective), I agree about calling the Lowe's in Tallahassee and maybe trying to speak with someone there about places to live. Also, call a realtor or two, esp one's who deal with rentals. They can send maps, help you locate desirable parts of town. They don't have to know that you plan on renting an apartment. Maybe google national realty chains like Re/Max and get to a local page about Tally to get info. Even a call to the Office of New Student and Family Programs would help get you someone at FSU to give you some ideas. FSU has been SOOOOO helpful everytime we have emailed or called. </p>

<p>Good Luck.</p>

<p>I used to live out by the Lowes on Commonwealth. That area is being built up quickly. It is not an overpopulated student area at all because its about 8 miles from campus. A good street to look at is Tharpe Street between Capital Circle NW and Ocala Rd. There are lots of apartments and family housing around there. I would double check though because if you go too far off Tharpe you can get into some sketchy areas. There is lots of buses that run along tharpe so it would be easy to get to FSU. </p>

<p>Two large student apartment complexes on Tennessee street is West 10 and Boardwalk. You could get a 2 bedroom there. </p>

<p>Biking in Tally isn't all that easy with so much traffic and LOTS of hills. I would recommend that either you or your D have a car b/c the Lowes and Campus is somewhat far apart to be taking the bus</p>

<p>Thanks for all the suggestions. Canole1, this is the info. I was looking for and pretty much what my research had concluded. It was nice to hear from someone to confirm this. Thanks again!</p>