Going to James Madison and eventually Law School?

<p>I am considering James Madison for my undergraduate studies in preparation for law school. I have heard that JMC is very difficult and that JMC students have lower gpa's than the average student. Would it be better to go to JMC and get a lower gpa or just major in normal political science and get a higher gpa to look better for law school?</p>

<p>personally I'd go into James Madison. I think James Madison better prepares you for law school than the average political science curriculum (granted, I am biased as I am a JMC student myself). While JMC student's GPAs are lower than the average it isn't by much. If you make the effort, while most professors aren't going to give you a 4.0 in your class it is very doable to get a 3.5 grade in each class if you make the effort. In terms of difficulty, it is more difficult but its standards are certainly not impossible even for the slightly-above-average student. I'd read this article that better explains it (written by a madison student/professor) No</a> Grade Inflation at James Madison College | The John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy</p>

<p>Plus in James Madison it is significantly easier to get to know your professors than the average political science class (and is a lot more interactive in general)</p>