Going to law school with a dance major?

<p>I know this seems odd, but I want to major in dance in college then go to law school. I read up that law schools and med schools love people with diverse degrees that stick out. Problem is that if I don't get accepted into law school I'm stuck with a dance degree. Anyone can name another good degree for law school? or is this a good idea and to stick with it?</p>

<p>Why choose a dance degree if you don’t want to “get stuck” with it? You can’t know that you’ll still be interested in law school in 4 or 5 years; you can know that your undergrad degree will be in the major you choose. So why not choose a degree you’ll want on your resume forever after? </p>

<p>Would this hypothetical degree be a BA or a BFA? If you know you don’t want to dance or teach dance professionally, a BA makes more sense. It will allow you to take a significant number of non-dance credits, which will presumably hone your analytical and writing abilities. You’ll need them as a law student. </p>

<p>If you read this board, and other law school admissions boards, you’ll see that the most important factors in LS admissions are your GPA and LSAT score. I’d be interested to know if a performing arts major is considered differently than other undergrad majors - anyone?</p>