Going To Morehouse? Post Here

<p>Anyone? going to Morehouse College in Atlanta tobe in the class of 2009, introduce yourselves!</p>

<p>Im Geraldo Frazer a senior in the Bahamas as my name suggests. Im gonna do a double in biology and economics and im gonna be a residential student...offcourse. Im 16 soon to be 17 and actually rather excited about this August, especially to meet all of the Spellman ladies :d.</p>

<p>I'm going to Morehouse this fall. I'm going to major in Economics (w/Math), minor in Biology, and possibly attend GA Tech for the Biomedical Engineering program. What do you think your first semester schedule will look like? How many economic, biology, chemistry, and math courses have you had and what type have you had? What residential hall did you apply for? What type of career are you looking at?</p>

<p>A classmate of mine is going to Spelman next year.</p>

<p>I dont feel like posting all of the information right now...im a bit lazy...so, u can just add me @ either of these:</p>

<p>msn - <a href="mailto:ggd9@hotmail.com">ggd9@hotmail.com</a>
yahoo - ggd9sas05
AIM - ggd9sas05</p>

<p>I prefer msn or AOl.</p>

<p>Anyone else applying to Morehouse College for the class of 2009, add me and we can converse further.</p>

<p>Yeah i'm Going to Morehouse as well. I think its a good opportunity but i'm hesitant to pass up an opportunity to go to Duke. I wonder when people come out of Morehouse do they come out with a good bearing on the world at large or just the black community?</p>

<p>Im glad you brought that up, and that is my main issue. It is my belief that the way one perceives the world is completely up to that person and while one's environment is an influence, it is never the determining factor. Im going to Morehouse, and, i, in no way plan to leave with a black -centric mindset....i think im stronger than that. However, many other people easily succumb to their environment and are assimilated into the whole black centric state of mind after graduating from Morehouse.</p>

<p>What types of scholarships do you guys have?</p>

<p>I dont know as yet.</p>

<p>I got a full tutition scholarship but that doesn't cover fees and residential. I also hear that the halls aren't the best. I agree with what you said and I'm pretty sure that I'll learn some things there that I wouldn't learn in the classroom at a regualr school.</p>

<p>SpiNoza: It depends on the particular halls. I know of two that are supposedly excellent while the others are "please don't make me live here" to good.</p>

<p>It's taking them a while to process my financial aid stuff.</p>

<p>I may be going to morehouse, but it will depend on my financial aid. i hope i can go though.</p>

<p>what were your stats SpiNoza that you got a full scholarship?</p>

<p>Spinoza got full tuition. His stats were probably around a 1200 SAT. The presidential scholars (full tuition, free room and board, no fees) had 1300+ SATs; the highest had around a 1470.</p>

<p>oh thanks ort30, yeah im still waiting for my financial aid too. how can we send in our deposits by may 1st if we havent even gotten financial aid info yet. I still have two other schools that want me to reply by may 1st, but im still holding out for morehouse because its my first choice. did they have some type of orientation this month?</p>

<p>They didn't have any orientations that I know about. They've already given away most of their academic scholarships if not all. They're kind of slow with financial aid.</p>

<p>My SAT was 1320 but I didn't get the full scholarship.
I don't know why.</p>

<p>They sent out scholarship stuff along time ago becasue its due May 3
So who's all going definately?</p>

<p>(Hand Up)</p>

<p>I am not going anymore...just founf out that ill be going to United World zcollege in Swaziland.</p>

<p>im not sure if im going because I still havent gotten my financial aid. i'll try and see if I can get an extention on the deadline which is tomorrow</p>

<p>When did you make the 1320 on your SAT? Did they give you any financial aid?</p>

<p>I'm going (hand up).</p>

<p>I just graduated from morehouse and it was the best experience of my life. I'm about to enter into my grad program at Rice U. and all I can think about it how much I miss the House. (and Spelman, and Clark) But seriously, if there's anybody out there with questions about dear old morehouse don't hesitated to email <a href="mailto:me...thomasdb10@aim.com...Trust">me...thomasdb10@aim.com...Trust</a> me brothers going to the House will be the best desicion you've ever made.</p>

<p>What types of things do you do at the HOUSE? Im thinking of going but i dont know how to pay for it and getting a lone is the least thing i want to do. Does the "brotherhood exist. I mostly want to go a a small college where everyone knows each other.</p>