Going to Oberlin next year--Excited, a bit nervous!

I am going to Oberlin next year, and I am really looking forward to it. However, there are a couple of things that slightly worry me a bit. One, I slacked off a bit senior year but managed to pull off As but with some Bs from slight slacking, but the course load at Oberlin sounds very rigorous and challenging. Do people tend to get adjusted well? I am still feeling the burn out from high school.

Also, I would describe myself as liberal and political but not as someone who constantly researches politics all the time. Only recently did I start looking up the presidential debate. I frequent the New York Times and am decently informed about issues that interest me, but I am afraid I am not as possibly intellectual as my counterparts. That’s the thing also–everyone at Oberlin seems so smart!

I want to explore a bunch of new interests, and I am wondering if that is what many people at Oberlin do? There are so many things I haven’t tried and want to do. I am also wondering if my outlook will be shaped and informed by Oberlin, and if I will grow as a person. And of course, if my music taste will get better.

I am openly gay also, which I assume can not hurt either.

Congratulations on going to Oberlin. It is the perfect place to explore new interests. In fact, the ExCos and Winter term are fantastic for doing just that.

I wouldn’t worry about not being intellectual enough. You wouldn’t have been admitted if you weren’t very smart.

Enjoy your time there. It is a special place.

I think you would fit right in at Oberlin. People are constantly exploring different interests there. There are many intelligent students and faculty who are friendly and very welcoming. You will be impressed by many of them, and will find yourself trying to improve yourself so that you think, speak, and write like them.