Going to seattle mid-July

<p>Okay, H and I are going to seattle mid-July for a national soccer tournament. We will be going to games, obviously, but not staying with our daughter who stays with her team. What are the must do's in Seattle (never been there), and what is the best place for us to stay.</p>


<p>There are a few Seattle/northwest threads- that are fairly recent- so is your daughter in college or select?.</p>

<p>I would get a hotel through Priceline- as Seattle hotels can be very expensive but if you get a 4star hotel through Priceline- you can save alot. Where are they going to be playing/practicing?
Actually in Seattle? I live in Ballard and can give more advice about Seattle proper than the suburbs- since it is where I spend the bulk of my time.</p>

<p>Ya sure, ya Betcha</p>


<p>It doesnt matter where she's playing, we'll stay in the city itself and drive to her games. I want to go to the city not the suburbs.....</p>

<p>thanks for the threads.</p>

<p>This is my highschool daughter. The one in college is the one who sings in a rock band and acts....Fortunately we've had the opportunity to follow both kinds of kids around the country doing the things they love to do.</p>

<p>Seattle environs is pretty spread out with acceptable accommodations near attractions.</p>

<p>And, perhaps by July this rain will be gone!</p>

<p>If you have an extra day, you are only 2-3 hours from the Canadian border, you could go see Vancouver, or take the clipper to Victoria and see Vancouver Island or a tour of the WA gulf islands.</p>

<p>The question of where she is playing is important as most of the soccer complexes are outside of Seattle. Hotels are expensive in Seattle and sometimes rooms are hard to come by in the summer, especially decently priced ones. There is a good chance that the team is booked /or will book rooms just outside of Seattle proper. That being said, you may want to find a hotel for you and your spouse in Seattle itself. Just be aware that each weekend there are 8 or so (Alaskan) cruise ships arriving & departing Friday thru Sunday.</p>

<p>Seattle is a beautiful city, especially in the summer. Enjoy your visit!</p>

<p>Look into the Hotel Maxwell (available through hotels.com), located just north of the Seattle Center/Space Needle. It is brand new and has large rooms, free parking, a pool and is in a great, low-key neighborhood. You can walk to the monorail or take a bus downtown. I've stayed in almost every hotel in that area, and this is by far the nicest.
Fun things to do: half-day trip to Snoqualmie Falls, visit to Bainbridge or another island by ferry, Pioneer Square and tour of underground Seattle. However, the number one pasttime, as voted by my family, was the Savor Seattle food tour of Pike's Place. Book in advance, and go early in your trip as they give you a coupon for 10% off for a number of featured restaurants.</p>

<p>THere are a lot of soccer fields in Seattle and north of- some pretty bad- but in the summer they should be ok ( D2 often had tournament games for fall soccer through January- as it snowed so much the fields were closed in Dec- but snow is better than torrential rains IMO)</p>

<p>No matter where the games are played- be aware that summer festivals may cause traffic disruption- particulary when combined with summer road construction .
WSDOT</a> - Puget Sound 2010 Construction Season
Welcome</a> to Seafair - Seattle's Summer Celebration</p>

<p>I have gotten good rooms at the Marriott on the waterfront through Priceline- , but depending on where they are staying you may want something closer to freeway- but lots to do on waterfront- unfortunately the trolley is gone- but it is a short jog to Safeco field ( baseball & maybe even see Ken Griffey jr), or take a ferry to Bainbridge.</p>

<p>Also pretty nice places on the Eastside and if they are going to be based @ Marymoor, easier than shuffling to Seattle- but definitely the suburbs.</p>

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Seattle travel tips, whale watching recs


<p>There is a lot of Seattle info on this thread.</p>

<p>Traditional first-time Seattle sights:
Space Needle
Pike Place Market
Seattle Art Museum/outdoor sculpture garden
Boeing tour
Chittenden locks
salmon dinner at waterfront restaurant
nearby: Snoqualmie Falls
ferry ride</p>

<p>If you like technology and planes: Pacific Science Center, Museum of Flight, Boeing Tours (in Everett).</p>

<p>If you like wine and beautiful scenery: Woodinville wine country (yes, it is in the suburbs, but it is our local Napa). Bring a picnic basket, get a bottle of wine at the Chateau St Michelle and enjoy the sunshine (I hope).</p>

<p>If you like nature/beautiful scenery: Snoqualmie Falls, day trip around Mt Rainier (amazing!), Olympic Panninsula (don't forget Hoh Rain Forest), a drive through Widbey Island.</p>

<p>If you like urban jungle/crowds of tourists: Pike Place Market, Westlake Center/Nordstrom's Flagship Store, Fremont, Ride the Ducks, Seattle Center.</p>

<p>Shopping: Bellevue Square (biggest Nordstrom in the area), the shops at Bravern (I shop in Bellevue and downtown, and Bellevue has much better selection/variety of shops), some downtown boutiques, Seattle Premium Outlets (north of Seattle en route to Vancouver).</p>

<p>And I also second the Hotel Maxwell suggestion if you want to stay downtown.</p>

<p>Bring jackets or sweaters with you. It can get chilly here in the summer at night, even in July, especially near the water.</p>

<p>shameless plug.
University areas/ 45th St-Wallingford neighborhood are nice areas. DS has a photo exposition on 45th. Be sure to visit and buy :)</p>

<p>oh- no sh*.
I am * freezing!
What ever happened to spring?
Always have a backup plan for indoor activities.
Although they do close the roof at Safeco- doesnt make it any warmer.</p>

<p>If they get the salmon bake idea going ( which I think would be great fun)- I will post an update
Tom</a> Douglas for Mayor!</p>

<p>When it * is* nice- Seattle is a great place to be in the summer- no noticeable bugs- not too hot to wear clothes & lots of iced lattes.
Unfortunately U2 had to postpone their summer tour- but some of the other outdoor shows might be fun & if you are over in Redmond- Marymoor park is a great place for a concert.
The Seattle Times mondo list of summer concerts</p>

<p>EK4: spring was postponed a few weeks, I think. Something about everyone taking it for granted?</p>

<p>Thanks everyone. great ideas. I'm looking forward to the trip and will def try to stay on the water. </p>

<p>I'm not 100% sure where the fields are, though I'm sure my H knows. It's a big tournament, so, they'll be all over anyway. They always are.</p>

<p>We were stuck in College Station Texas this year during a snow storm, if you can believe it? This year. They hadn't had a snow storm during that tournament ever, but being from Chicago it probably gave us an advantage anyway.</p>

<p>Again, thanks for all the suggestions. 1. Eat seafood. 2. stay on the water. 3. Go to one of the islands, for sure. 4. Try to see some live music where the locals go. </p>

<p>Here the local music is best in the blues clubs, or a couple of more indi places.</p>

<p>Again, thanks a ton.</p>

<p>poetgirl, here is where the locals go to see concerts:
1. Check what Chateau St Michelle has to offer during your trip - the concerts there are held on the stage facing the grassy hill behind the winery, and this year's lineup is pretty good. We are going to pay a tribute to Ringo and his all-star band (H was excited that a live Beatle was going to be in our neck of the woods!) and Natalie Merchant (without her 10K maniacs). Seating is picnic style - bring a blanket. Wine will be sold during intermissions. Here is the calendar:</p>

<p><a href="http://www.ste-michelle.com/events/concertCalendar%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.ste-michelle.com/events/concertCalendar&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Some are already sold out.</p>

<li>ZooTunes: a series of concerts at the Woodland Park Zoo. Same deal - bring a blanket. Not a bad lineup either:</li>

<p>Woodland</a> Park Zoo, Seattle, WA - BECU ZooTunes at Woodland Park Zoo</p>

<p>We just got back from our Seattle vacation. Many thanks to all on this board who gave very helpful tips!</p>

<p>Want to give kudos to our hotels, since you're looking for places to stay.</p>

<p>Residence Inn Lake Union, balcony, lakeview. Beautiful view of the lake, low noise, delicious breakfast, comfortable beds, huge rooms. Parking in garage, easy access to interstate.</p>

<p>When going up north, to see San Juan, Anacortes, Whidbey Island, the Fairfield Inn in Burlington was very nice. Comfortable room, good breakfast, great staff.</p>

<p>Highly, highly recommend Island Adventures for whale watching. Left from Anacortes. Easy parking to check in and get on boat. No need to wait for ferry. Less than 30 minute, easy drive from Burlington Fairfield. Saw orcas aplenty. Wonderful, comfortable boat. Great staff. </p>

<p>Don't miss: Snoqualmie Falls, Whidbey Island, Boeing factory, whale watching.</p>

<p>Weather was so nice. First day in, clear sky, saw Mount Rainier. Awesome! </p>

<p>Hotel to stay in night before flying out. Fairfield SeaTac. Nice hotel, comfortable, clean, affordable. Holiday Inn next door if you prefer. Both hotels share a shuttle to airport.</p>

<p>Warning. Seattle traffic is horrible! </p>

<p>Recommendation for eating with kids. Red Robin. Great burgers and onion rings. Yum! </p>

<p>More north than Seattle. Bob's Burgers. Great burgers and onion rings as well!</p>

<p>Weather was so nice</p>

<p>Wow- what day was that?
Glad you had a good time, but why did you have to take the sun with you?
What's</a> up with this nasty weather? | KING5.com</p>

<p>Montegut, I was keeping my fingers crossed that you would escape the horrid, wintery drizzle we are having right now. I'm happy that you liked your trip to our neck of the woods. You must have been here the weekend I decided to finally take my tomatoes out of the greenhouse. BAD mistake, since now they are as miserable as tomatoes can be. The weather should be sunnier by July, but my garden might never recover.</p>

<p>Warning about traffic - there are plenty of one-way streets all over Seattle, and we also have traffic light cameras that gladly take a picture of your license plate as the rear wheels of your car leave the intersection while the light changes from yellow to red. When people tell me that driving around Boston is a nightmare, I just say, "Meh!"</p>

<p>Ha, Bunsen, we saw those cameras! We have those down here, too. And the one way streets, too. Sadly, the traffic made son dislike Seattle, which I am sorry about, as I would love for him to attend UW for grad school. But he did like Kirkland and Redmond, so hopefully, he can find a job up there. Any excuse for mom to visit! I hope to return again soon, once son is settled in school at Bama, so I can visit my aunt in Olympia. Probably use Tacoma as my home base. But will have to get back up to Burlington to go to Anacortes for more whale watching and continue exploring Whidbey Island.</p>

<p>I was sorry to leave your nice weather. As we got off the plane in New Orleans, we felt like we were walking into an oven. Over a hundred degrees here today. Would rather be in cold drizzly rain than this.</p>

<p>It was surprisingly warm in Seattle when we were there, but I was happy we brought along our Outrigger jackets for the whale boat. They were much needed then!</p>

<p>Hope y'all have a clear day soon. To me, every day was clear there, not much rain, but we found out that clear meant no clouds, so we were very, very lucky to get to see Mount Rainier on our first day there.</p>

<p>Thank you to all for all your tips. We had a great trip!</p>