Going to University of Oklahoma Undergrad + Early Acceptance Program at Oklahoma State... Is it possible?

Our family lives in Oklahoma. My daughter doesn’t quite know where she wants to attend college, but my thoughts are that she will be offered generous in-state scholarships to both the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma St… The vet school is at Oklahoma St., but my daughter is leaning toward wanting to attend the University of Oklahoma (I myself an alumni.). We toured the Ok. St. vet school this week and found out about the Early Acceptance program. On the website it says you must attend Ok. St., but the online brochure says you can attend any 4 year Oklahoma college. I e-mailed the vet program to confirm and they responded that they do accept students from any OK 4 year college. They only accept 12 people per year this way. I’m wondering if anyone has gone to OU but been accepted into the Early Acceptance Program for vet school with Ok. St. I’m thinking maybe they would give preference to Ok. St. students over OU, but I would love to know just how many people come from which universities around the state. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated!