Goizueta Emory vs Dyson Cornell vs McDonough Georgetown

My son has been accepted and trying to decide between three undergrad business schools: Goizueta at Emory, Dyson at Cornell and McDonough at Georgetown. He has a scholarship to Emory (Goizueta Scholar). We are in-state for Cornell.

I would love some guidance and opinions. One of my concerns is if he goes to Emory, will it be difficult to get a job back in NY after he graduates. Thanks.

Those are three great options: three great business programs, and three great schools all-around.

I think Cornell has a slight edge in overall academic strength, but not enough to override his decision to choose Emory or Georgetown if he prefers either based on overall fit. Like I said, they’re all among the top places to get a bachelor’s degree in the US.

If all are affordable, I think the decision should be based on fit:

  • Academics (majors/courses/degree requirements)
  • Location/weather
  • Setting (ruralish Cornell vs. urban G’town and Emory)
  • Culture

Emory is well known to the hiring managers and others in corporate America who matter, to the point that if he excels there he certainly can get a good job in New York. It will be up to him ultimately: do well in school, meet people, spend time in the career office, and generally be a nice person.

These are three outstanding private universities – look at cost and the other fit variables listed above. Visiting can help make a difficult decision easier.

Georgetown places much better than Emory, Dyson versus McDonough is a toss-up.