Gold Award

<p>does anyone know any scholarships for Girl Scout Gold Award recipients</p>

<p>My daughter also earned her Gold Award.
If you go to the national website there are links to some colleges (mostly all female colleges) & states that have scholarships but don't stop there...</p>

<p>We discovered at the Award ceremony that there were scholarships through our council that were not publicized thus we did not apply for. Call your council directly & ask because I wished I had. They gave out 5 scholarships at the ceremony.</p>

<p>Also, any college you apply for you can ask. 1 college my daughter applied for and they had a scholarship for Eagle Scout but not Gold Award. While talking with the Admissions director I had mentioned how much harder it is for a girl to earn the Gold Award than for a boy to earn Eagle Scout and she said if she went there and documented her Gold Award they would give her the same as an Eagle Scout so it doesn't hurt to ask :) (but make sure you speak to the top, a counselor will run by the book)</p>

<p>Gold Luck!
Take Care,