Golden Admission Application

I recieved the Golden Admission Application however, my weighted gpa is 3.8 and unweighted is 3.2. I have taken honors my first two years of high schoool and now I’m taking concurrent enrollment courses through a community college (I got told School of Mines will focus on my college classes rather than my testing scores but, I’m not sure if that’s all true). I took my ACT and got a 26 which places me in 82nd percentile. I plan on taking my ACT again in a month in hopes of increasing my score. However, I got told I should leave my score as it is since the Golden Admission Application is prestigious and means the school is inerested in me. Should I retake my ACT again to increase my score or should I just leave it as it is? Also, does everyone recieve the Golden Admission Application? Thank you!

I was sent the golden application too and I am wondering the same thing. i am also taking/have taken college classes, so I hope that gives us a better chance. I saw in a different thread that a student who worked in admissions said that the people with the golden app have a better chance of getting in the sooner they apply, because CSM does rolling admissions.

Same here guys. I’m a little scared because I have a 1370 SAT, but I have a 4.6 GPA. What should I do??? Taking the SAT this Saturday

Since its been a couple of weeks, can you guys tell me if you applied and what was your result?

I haven’t applied yet due to some issues. But, plan on applying within about a week.

Ok cool! Good luck! I hope we both can get in <3

I applied yesterday and I am just waiting on my high school to send my transcript. I didn’t send letters of recommendation or do a full essay because I dont plan on going there anyways even if i get in.


Why did you bother applying if you wouldn’t consider attending if admitted?

@CSinPA It was free (at least for me, idk if it is for everybody), the application was really easy, and I was kinda bored, but personally I would rather go to a school with good student life.

For those of us who applied before Labor Day we should hear from CSM tomorrow.

For the last three years admissions has released decisions for the first group on the first Thursday of October and then suscessive Thursdays through November (fewer postings December onward). This is based on a quick flip through of acceptance postings on Reddit and CC. Also, on Tuesday, Tip #12 was released on the Admisssions Instagram account, as it has on previous Tuesdays before the first batch is released.

It looks like most self reported application dates for students self-reporting in the first round of announcements were submitted on or before Labor Day (approx 4 weeks or more earlier) so I would expect the cut off for reviewed applications to stay roughly the same.

Best wishes to us all.

Thanks for this info, @trytofigureitout. My DS applied a couple weeks ago via the Golden Admission Application. Good to have a rough timeline of when he might expect a decision. Best wishes to you as well.

Has anyone received a status update regarding acceptance/WL or denied?

Mines posted Tip#13 today, so may be the first set of results will come out this Thursday.

My son received an e-mail notifying him of his acceptance today.

My son also received his acceptance today. He submitted 8/22, but his transcripts weren’t sent from the school until 10/2.

My son was accepted today as well. Very pleased at Mines efficiency in this process.

My daughter got her acceptance today as well with scholarship offer

I hate to seem invasive or intrusive, but I am a student who received the Golden Application and applied for the November deadline, I am wondering what sort of grades and test scores are needed to get admitted and if this application will help my chances, if this seems to intrusive I totally understand and apologize.

My son received his acceptance today into Electrical Engineering! Yes, it is very nice to have such a quick turn around decision from an University!

My daughter was accepted today with a financial award of $14,000 a year. We are out of state though, and this probably does not get the cost low enough for us.

@Noisymom, do you mind sharing what your daughter’s award amount is and whether you are in or out of state?

Has anyone gotten their trailhead (I think that’s what it is called) account to work yet? My daughter’s does not seem to be working.

@Salty8 My daughter applied as soon as she got her golden ticket, is just inside the 6% mark in her class, 4.0 unweighted gpa, 5.3ish on a 5.0 scale weighted gpa, with a 1360 SAT. She applied for Environmental Engineering though she has applied as Industrial Engineering at other schools. Hope this helps.