Golden Flash Day

My DD and I attended Golden Flash Day last week, thought someone reading here might want to know what it entailed, since there are still a few opportunities to attend one of these. We checked in at the Student Center, and received a packet of info, customized for DD with her major listed, her scholarship/financial aid status, her housing status, etc. Also, they gave her a Kent State beanie hat, hahah. The school mascot was there to pose for a picture with students. We entered the ballroom, along with about a thousand other people!. Refreshments were available. There were opening speakers and a short video. Then the students and parents were divided into the various colleges (also the exploratory/undecided group) and dismissed to go to a discussion session for their college. (By far, the College of Arts and Sciences was the largest). We found there were about 50 other students at the meeting for my daughters college. Someone in a director position spoke briefly about the resources available to students in the college. Then, students were again divided by actual major. My daughter happened to be the only one in attendance from her desired major, so she was able to speak for about 45 minutes with a professor in that department, who gave her an overview of working in that profession, the emphasis she places on professionalism in the students, the structure of the degree and its required classes, etc. It was so helpful! There were also afternoon opportunities for a short campus tour, seeing the model dorms setup, meeting with the honors college, etc. I recommend the Golden Flash Day for any interested student, whether sure or unsure of attending in the fall.

@2kidsinky I’m pleased you had a positive experience! This must be new. My daughter went to Kent twice before her freshman year, once for the standard campus visit and again the summer before she started for Destination Kent State. The second experience almost destroyed her interest in KSU as she was on her own amongst legions of students who came in packs from their high schools. She was very much the odd man out. What you are describing is far more inclusive and welcoming!

We just got back from FlashDay Fri March 3. Same experience. They were extremely organized and actually fed us a nice lunch. My D fell in love with the new Architecture building and loved the campus. Our tour guide was full of energy and info. This was our last of a final 4 of schools tour and shes all in for Kent this fall. Glad its over, and she received a nice scholarship that makes its all that more inviting for me, despite the 6 hr ride… Good luck to all on their quest. Still one more FlashDay March 15.