Golf at Brown

My freshmen high school son would love to play golf at an Ivy and Brown is the top of his prospective list based on campus, location, and history. What good does he need to be to realistically gain the coaching teams interest and support? He is starting to break into the high 70s this summer and continues to love the sport more than others.

Thanks for all thoughts and recommendations?

You’ll get better information if you post on the athletic recruiting subforum.

Agree with Sherpa.

In the meantime, try the Brown golf website. In particular go to the roster and click on each player’s name. In most cases there will be a short bio of their high school golf accomplishments. If you click on Archives you can access rosters from previous years. Of course you can also follow the Brown results by clicking on the News tab and reading match summaries

Thank you! My son is a multi sport athlete, but is starting to favor golf. Having shot an all time best, 76 (slope 131/6754 yardage( yesterday, the next month will be interesting to watch him learn and grow. He starts his sophmore year in late Auguest, but I want to ensure that he plays a few tournaments next summer and formally contacts coaches to build the relationships, gain their recommendations, and explore the pros/cons of each college.