Golf Scholarship?????

<p>How Well Do You Have To Play To Get A Golf Scholarship???</p>

<p>Probably very good! Why not ask a college coach?</p>


<p>As well as Michelle Wie. Go figure.</p>

<p>It obviously would vary by program and school, but most college golfers I know are either scratch golfers or <5 handicap.</p>

<p>Much easier for females. Most schools had to cut things like male golf scholies.</p>

<p>If you want to know how good you have to be to play at a particular school, just go to their website and look up the rosters for the sport you are interested in. They will have the size of the athletes and you usually have stats you can link to as well. So, for golf, see what tournaments they were in last season and compare your scores to theirs.This can work better for individual sports than sports such as basketball or football, where the stats for individual performances may not be indicative of your ability to perform at the college level. Also, you can look at the results from the last NCAA semi-finals and finals... that will also let you compare your performance with that of those already on college. Good luck.</p>