Gonna live in De Neve next year!

On my housing offer, it doesnt specify which building in De Neve. Does it matter? I heard some buildings were more social than others. dogwood is supposed to be the best right?</p>

<p>Which one do you guys think is the best.</p>

<p>Hey! I got De Neve, too! I got a triple, and I read that all baths are private. I also read that Acacia is supposed to be the best building.</p>

<p>oh dang i got a triple too! MAN what if youre my roomate ahahaha</p>

<p>Why is Acacia the best? I looked at the floorplan and theres only like 10 rooms on each floor. Dogwood has over 20 rooms.</p>

<p>Acacia has more than 10 rooms on each floor. Cedar and Dogwood generally were the most social in the past, no reason why. Fir and Evergreen were pretty quiet, nobody really wanted to live in Evergreen. A few years ago, a lot of Evergreen rooms (Triple) were still open even during the last day in selecting a room.</p>

<p>BoelterHall, are you saying we can choose which building we want?</p>

<p>I'm not sure why acacia is the best. I just remember reading a thread here about it being superior structurally or something >.></p>

<p>You don't have room preference selections as a first year, but you will have this option next year. People think Acacia is the best because it is closest to campus, also close to the dining hall and computer lab.</p>

<p>@guitarfrk: are you a transfer?</p>

BoelterHall, are you saying we can choose which building we want?

No, your building is determined for you.</p>

<p>If you know your room number, the building you're in is determined by the letter preceding the numbers.
A = Acacia
B = Birch
C = Cedar
D = Dogwood
E = Evergreen
F = Fir</p>

<p>Also, there are notable differences between Acacia and Birch and the rest of the buildings. Some differences include the thickness of the walls and floor, the quality of the wi-fi internet connection, and the quality of air ventilation in the building as a whole.</p>

<p>jaeger, Yeah Ill be a 3rd year transfer. </p>

<p>hm yeah it doesnt say what room. I dont really care about the differnces in the building quailty, just the social aspect of each building. After all, im paying twice as much for this benefit.</p>