share stats and scholarship info? :)!

Daughter received the Trustee Scholarship
4.19 W
3.95 UW
31 ACT

Trustee as well.
School doesn’t weigh but 4.0 UW
34 Act/ 1500 SAT
8 Ap classes
In state.


31 ACT
4.15 weighted
3.96 unweighted
9 AP’s
Good ECs and Letters of rec

34 ACT. 4.0 unweighted. 8AP classes, good but not earth shattering ECurrics.

Question for this group, the letter seemed to hint that additional merit aid and grants were available. Does anyone know specifics or have info. from past years?

Trustee brings costs down to roughly 41k per year which is still quite a ways beyond our ability to pay.

Does anyone have any history with how generous (or not) Gonzaga is with need-based grant aid? D was given the exact same scholarship amount at both Loyola of Chicago and Gonzaga (Jesuit collusion?) and Loyola gave us no grant aid just loans and work study. Gonzaga FA office said need-based awards won’t go out until mid-march which is very late, given a mid-feb acceptance.

in state
29 ACT 30 superscore
3.85 UW no weighted
5 AP classes
strong science ECs w intended major of Environmental Science
regents scholarship

Hi guys, could anyone explain the levels of scholarship money that Gonzaga offers? I was specifically curious as to the difference between the Trustees and Regents scholarships. Thank you(:

I can only help with the Trustee part, it was 23k merit award.

Trustee scholarship
3.95 uw/4.35 w
1500 sat
9 APs
Lots ecs

regents is 21k/yr

Dean’s Scholarship $20k

3.7 UW
30 ACT
2 APs
10 Honors
Lots of extra circular

Comparing Gonzaga to other Jesuit schools merit awards, seem to be in $1k increments and somewhat stacked together. $20k, $21k, $23k. As @JD7777 mentions it still seems like the total the total billable costs are quite high. I brought up other Jesuits because they seem to offer significant awards that make them closer to OOS Public schools. Anyone know if there are any other merit or scholarships that are possible?

I think that a lot of the additional merit aid are scholarships that are merit/need combined.

I was offered the Trustee’s Scholarship. Stats:
34 ACT (35 superscore)
3.95 UW GPA
9 APs, 3 IBs
Strong extracurriculars and personal story

I decided on Gonzaga, over my other competitive choice which was Georgetown. I was offered significant other renewable grant aid from Gonzaga, which made the COA the cheapest offer I got (including state schools), so I am going to Gonzaga, even though G-town was tough to pass up (as I am interested in politics).

I think the reason my Gonzaga offer was so competitive was a combo of merit and significant need, because I think many of the other merit scholarships are NOT need blind