Gonzaga 2025 admission thread

Our son applied to Gonzaga but looks like we won’t hear back from them until late Feb or early March. Would have been nice if they had early action like a couple of the other schools that our son applied to, but I guess it won’t hurt us to sit back and wait a few months.

Good luck to everyone who’s applying!


Where did you hear/read that decisions won’t be made until Feb/Mar?

Hi - In the Common App, after we applied, there is a “What’s Next” button for some colleges. For Gonzaga it said “Admission decisions will be mailed by the end of February.”

That said, maybe this is the LATEST that people will hear back, and some will hear sooner.

Oh, interesting, thanks! My daughter applied via Common App as well, but hadn’t told me about that date info.

Seems like we should be getting close to hearing from Gonzaga. Anyone have insight into when decisions might come out? I was thinking mid-Feb.

On their website it says notifications go out “Late February”. So I’m guessing 11:59pm on Feb. 28th. :slight_smile:

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I actually called today and my memory is cloudy because I called 3 schools for dates. I think they said they were aiming at 2/15.

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Just looked and last year was a mid February admission decision date.


Does anyone know how Gonzaga sends out their announcements (email, portal)? My D18 is anxiously waiting for updates.

Check your portal!! My daughter has a letter of acceptance in there today!

Apparently, scholarship info will arrive in the mail shortly.

Good Luck.

3.96 Unweighted.
Strong recs.
Competitive Large HS
Strong extracurriculars. Not a lot of different ones, just very devoted to a few.

My son was just accepted as well.

3.8 Unweighted
Strong Recs
No test scores
Lots of Extra Curriculars and Job experience

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My D18 got in today as well.
In state, engineering

Good luck and congrats to everyone that got in.

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Thanks folks for the heads up! Our S18 also got accepted, with scholarship info coming in the mail. (I think they could just as well as put it in the same letter, but oh well!)

Congrats to everyone who got in, and best wishes to any who didn’t.

My student also accepted! @SL2025 - Did your student’s acceptance specifically state engineering? Mine applied to engineering, but the letter just said accepted with no mention of engineering. Just wondering if mine was accepted to Gonzaga, but not to engineering.


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Congrats! The letter didn’t state engineering and the portal is vague as well. She applied for ME so we are making that assumption. That will be a good thing to clarify with her AO if the acceptance letter she receives in the mail doesn’t confirm whether she is direct admit or not.

Does anyone know how Gonzaga typically handles direct admits?

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S21 got admitted today too.
SAT 1430
GPA 3.47
3 APs & Calculus 2 & 3 taken at CO School of Mines & Design Engineering at Tulane
2 jobs
Decent ECS and recommendations
Several summer academic programs with college credit
Applied for Mechanical Engineering, but letter did not indicate what program or direct admit, so unsure about that.

Congrats to your S21! Has he attended Mines? My D18 was accepted there too for Fall 21 snd is comparing the ME program there to Gonzaga. Would love to hear any insight.

Acceptance packet arrived in the mail today with full scholarship information and a congratulations from the Engineering Department letting our student know they were admitted to Engineering.

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Congrats to your student! Ours likewise got the packet with scholarship info.

Does anyone know when they will send notifications of the additional scholarships like the Cataldo Scholarship?

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Congrats! We haven’t got ours yet, but I’m in the middle of a deep freeze in DFW Texas. Hopefully soon!

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