Gonzaga Acceptances???

Thanks for the offer SanDiego619. Could you give a quick rundown of the freshman dorm options at Gonzaga with advantages and disadvantages for each? We are looking at Catherine Monica as first choice, Madonna as second choice, and DeSmet as third choice? Thoughts? Should we consider the other dorms as well?

Catherine Monica is a co-ed PARTY dorm that can get crazy on weeknights. I do not recommend it if your child is a little shy or does not like to “party.”

Desmit is an all guys dorm. I like it because it’s all guys so you can just be yourself. Secondly, I think it’s the easiest dorm to make friends. It does get noisy sometimes however.

Madona is neutral. It’s quiet most of the time, and it still has that social factor. It is a co-ed dorm.

Assuming your child is a son because you mentioned Desmit which is an all guy dorm, I also recommend the dorm Roncalli. It’s a small dorm of 40 guys, but it’s great because there isn’t sense of brotherhood that is built due to the small size.

If you want the nicest dorm, then I would recommend Couglin. Everything is up to date, nice, and very clean. However, I am not a fan of it because it doesn’t truly give the “dorm” experience.