Gonzaga Acceptances???

<p>My son has been accepted at Gonzaga for fall 2015. We're very excited for him, this is one of his top 3 choices at this point. Anyone else out there thinking about Gonzaga in the fall?</p>


No word yet here. One of my son’s top three

Nothing yet. Anyone know when we might hear? (besides the standard “by April 1” answer)

My daughter got an acceptance letter today. Heading up on break to check it again

My son got his letter in the mail today… I think this is his first choice, very likely going there. Will start in engineering but if that is too hard will change major to something else. You can check online in the secure zagweb area using their ID# and birthday… if it lets you in, you have been accepted.

My son was accepted to Gonzaga yesterday and was quite surprised because was not expecting to get in. He is debating between the University of Oregon and Gonzaga as his top two choices. My concern is that the school will be dominated by students who have attended private religious high schools and that students from public schools might not fit in was well. Curious on students/parents impressions about the make-up of the students and what kind of environment exists at the university.

My son is graduating from a Jesuit HS but prior to that was in public school his whole life. In his mind, he is still a public school kid. When he visited Gonzaga he was really impressed at how friendly and welcoming everyone was and it was that friendliness that appealed to him the most. Jesuit HS’s actually aren’t that religious… not what you would think about catholic school. The kids can certainly participate in ministry and things like that but I would tell you that most actually don’t (at least thats my observation of my son’s all male Jesuit HS. Not sure if that helps you but I’m thinking you won’t need to worry about fitting in.

My son is a junior at Gonzaga. We are extremely pleased with the education he is receiving. He is very happy with all aspects, small classes, social atmosphere etc. He graduated from public high school and his friends are a good mix of private public school grads.

Son accepted for engineering with a $9K/yr merit scholarship. He’s down to Gonzaga, Marquette, and Oregon State. We will be going to Spokane in April - his second visit, my first.

I’ve been accepted to Gonzaga for next fall and I’ve been on campus a few times now. I’m not religious at all and I felt very welcomed on campus. I didn’t get a very “push our religion on you” type of vibe.

My son and I are attending a Gonzaga Reception for admitted students in the San Francisco Bay Area on March 28th, is anyone else planning on attending that event?

I wish we could go to that reception but we will be out of town.

My daughter is a senior at GU and for the last month, I’ve been dealing with tears that she is graduating. My nephew was accepted and is attending in the fall. It’s been an incredible 4 year ride and keep in mind that the transfer rate is almost 0. Great kids, safe campus and my daughter has had no regrets. Go Zags and beat North Dakota State tonight!

We are heading up to visit at the end of the month. My son has some good choices, Cal Poly SLO, UCSD, LMU, UCSB . . . it will be interesting to see where he ends up.

My daughter and I are going up to visit during GEL Weekend in April. Her first choices are SMU & TCU, and we’ll be touring UCSB in a couple of weeks. I’m thinking when we visit, Gonzaga may just jump to the top of her list. It looks like a great school.

We can’t go for GEL weekend as we have a Concert Choir competition tour that weekend. I am hoping to get there over spring break. Financial Aid package came in today and Gonzaga just jumped into my top 3!!

We just registered for the GEL weekend at Gonzaga in April, excited to visit for the first time. Received financial aid letter in the mail today and it was more generous than anticipated. Down to Gonzaga and University of Oregon for my son, going to be an interesting decision for him.

We are going the weekend before for s Sunday stay & Monday in Engineering. Son visited campus last year so don’t need the general stuff. Got financial aid letter Saturday Gonzaga is a little more generous so far compared to Marquette & Oregon State.

I am a current Gonzaga student (Computer Science major/math minor). Please feel free to ask any questions about the university if you have any.