Gonzaga early action 2023 - notification this week?

Gonzaga website says notifications will be mailed by Jan. 15. Last year packets started arriving on Dec. 21st. (a Thursday). Hopefully they will be coming out later this week?!

Let’s hope so!

My D got an email that Dec 18 we shall know.

How? By portal/email, or just regular mail?

Has anyone heard yet? I think notification is by mail, maybe this weekend?

Nothing in portal, email or regular mail for my student. @Norcal2023 said her daughter was receiving a decision yesterday. Update??

Who did she receive an email from stating December 18?

I sent an email to the Gonzaga Admissions Office this morning and they indicated that the acceptance packages went put in the mail yesterday (December 19th). Good luck to everyone.

Do you know if they also will update the portal or do applicants wait for letter?

With Gonzaga I believe the letter package comes first and then the portal will subsequently be updated, at least that what they did with my son who is now a senior at Gonzaga

Curious if anyone received mail from Gonzaga today?

@Folsom916 no!! So disappointing since we head out of state tomorrow morning. Hopefully they will update the portals soon. But maybe not until school starts up again in January?

I bet it will come tomorrow. Also, can anyone get into the accepted students portal? We were able to so hoping that is a good sign! :slight_smile:

@portalupdateplz I was able to get into my portal, but I didn’t get anything in the mail today. Do you think it means anything?

@portalupdateplz @sydt725 Could you use your current PIN or did you have to update your PIN?

@alohalivin I had to update my PIN.

I had to update the pin. And I’m not sure if it means anything, but maybe? Hopefully, we will know for sure soon!

@portalupdateplz Where is the “accepted students” portal? Also, Did you receive an email from them notifying you of Financial Aid?

@portalupdateplz found the portal Thanks!

Yes, we did get the financial aid email @CaliMck15. I bet we will get the envelope today!