Gonzaga removes early action from university entry application

"In fall 1993, the Gonzaga Admissions Office saw hundreds of paper applications get sent in. Transcripts, letters of recommendation and test scores piled up in bins for the office to sort through.

As time progressed, the admissions process became easier. Applications were submitted through the GU website, which led to more students being able to apply. In 1998, the GU admissions office decided to begin a new application process that involved early action, following a trend at the time.

The early action process has recently been removed for the 2020 high school class who are currently applying to GU. All applications are now due Dec. 1." …


Oldest S was EA app 2 years ago and now youngest S couldn’t apply EA. Got admitted by email last night so looks like they’re at least not putting everything off until March. Wonder when the Scholarship info will be provided?

in my D’s online acceptance letter, last paragraph says you’ll be receiving a packet with admissions information, including details on a merit scholarship you received…no amount just a tease…

Same here. Says scholarship info will be mailed.

Hopefully the mail gets here soon as I’m very curious. They were generous with my oldest son a couple years ago and his stats were much lower than this year’s son. GU is already considerably less expensive than LMU, and Gonzaga is a terrific school, so anything in the ballpark of last time will be very competitive.